Housing and food service

Download the Accommodation Form if you require assistance by the International Relations Office in finding accommodation during your Erasmus period.

Accommodation can be provided in one of the students’ residences; however, you must be aware that students residences have limited number of rooms, and that places may not be available especially if you come for one semester only.

Generally, Erasmus students are accommodated in private flats; upon reception of your accommodation form, the International Office will address you to a dedicated collaborator who will provide assistance in home seeking and welcome you at your arrival.  Do not forget to notify date, time and place of arrival; if you arrive late at night, you may be asked to sleep at a hotel or BB.

Upon your arrival, the International Relations Office will provide you with magnetic cards for discounted prices at associate restaurants. The card is strictly personal and cannot be given to third parties. If you lose it, you need to report a file to the police.