30 years of history
30 years of history

With Law of 14 August , 1982, n. 590, part of the four-year plan of university development and establishment of new universities, Title II, Chapter IV, Art. 22, paragraph 1, was established: “As of the Academic Year 1982/83 is established the University of Molise, based in Campobasso.”

The University has ever since  consolidated relationships with other organizations and institutions in Italy and abroad, and has established links with the regional institutions for the  promotion of  the excellence on the territory.
  • 1982-83 First Faculty
    Creation of the Faculty of Agriculture with the Degree in Food Science.
  • 1984
    Creation of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences.
  • 90's
    Development and consolidation of the academic project and its roots in the territory.
  • 1992 Faculty of Law
    The Faculty of Law is established with about a thousand of enrolled students.
  • 1993 New Office
    The University expands to the territory of Isernia. The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences is established.
  • 1998-99
    The research center "G.A. Colozza" is established. The Center lays the foundation for the birth of the Degree in Primary Education.
  • 1999 Development
    In the beginning of the third millennium the number of students increases to more than 7,364. The number of researchers and administrative grows, too.
  • 2000Scientific Research
    7 Departments are established to strengthen the scientific research. The Science and Technology Park is established for a link with the business world.
  • 2004 New Courses
    The Degree Course of Prevention Techniques in Workplaces is established.
  • 2006 New Faculties
    The Faculties of Medicine and Engineering are stablished.
  • 2008 Consolidation
    The University reaches the threshold of 10,000 students.
  • 2009
    27 years of work, research and history. A young but consolidated reality, with deep roots on the territory.
  • 2010 New Goals
    Molise hosts the 64th edition of the National University Championships. The modern and functional PalaUnimol is inaugurated.
  • 2011 New Organisational Structure
    The University of Molise starts the process of reorganization with reference to the implementation of Law 240/2010. The University celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy.
  • 2012 Structures for students
    Opening of the university residence in the campus of Vazzieri and Pesche.