Look up in the list of the Degree Programs and see if you can find the courses you are looking for. The official language is Italian. Pay attention to the Campus where the course is delivered. As an exchange student, you can choose course units from different Degree Programs. You can also choose course units from 1st cycle (undergraduate) and 2nd cycle (graduate) program. Just make sure your Home Coordinator agrees on your choices, because he/she will have to recognize your activity abroad.

One Italian credit (CFU, Credito Formativo Universitario) equals one ECTS credit. Credits are obtained exclusively on passing an exam or fulfilling a traineeship activity.

The attendance to some courses is compulsory: make sure you respect the minimum attendance rate, otherwise you won’t be able to sit for exams.

Some important dates for you:

  • 1st October: first semester begins
  • mid-January: first semester ends
  • end of January – end of February: examination session
  • 1st March: second semester begins
  • mid-May: second semester ends
  • end of May – mid July: examination session

Classes timetables are set yearly, just before lessons start.