How to apply

How to manage the Application procedure for an Erasmus Mobility for Studies at Università del Molise

After official nomination by Home Universities, the Università del Molise’s IRO will send a notification of acceptance to the nominated students, with detailed instructions about how to proceed. To complete the application, perspective Erasmus incoming students will be requested to submit two different kind of documents: 1) the official Application form, duly filled and signed, together with a scanned copy of a valid identity document; 2) a draft proposal of their Learning Agreement (LA), to be approved by their home and host Erasmus coordinator. To fulfil the tasks, some additional knowledge about the Università del Molise’s organisational structure will be needed. In the following you will find what you need.

Departments and organisational structure

Università del Molise is organised in six Departments according to six different disciplinary fields. Departments are the organisational units regarding didactic and research matters, and their structures are located in three different cities of the region of Molise: Campobasso (main Campus), Termoli and Pesche. As soon as their nomination has been accepted, each perspective Erasmus student is assigned to a specific Department, according to the study field agreed upon in the Erasmus Inter Institutional Agreement between Unimol and their Home University. Each Department has its own Erasmus host coordinators, who are competent on different study fields. They are in charge of approving the incoming Erasmus students’ LA proposals and supporting them during their mobility. Please remember, however, that at Università del Molise LA submission process is centralised. This means that perspective Erasmus students do not have to send their LA proposals directly to their Erasmus host coordinator, but to IRO staff (see the following section How to prepare your LA proposal). Click here to discover the different Degree courses offered by each Department, as well the locations in which the teachings take place. The list of the Erasmus host coordinators is available here.

Application form

Together with the confirmation of reception of the nomination, the Università del Molise Iro will send to the perspective Erasmus students an Application form that they will be requested to fill in and sign. In the Application form the students will be asked to provide some data regarding their studies, as well as the name of their Home universities, the length of their stay, the proficiency level in one or more foreign languages, a contact person name to inform in case of emergency, etc. It is very important that the students fill the Application form paying high attention to what they write, because the information they provide will be very useful to the IRO to prepare their welcoming and mobility. A scanned copy of a valid ID document is also needed. Please note that the ID document provided must be the same that the students will use for official identification upon their arrivals.

How to prepare your Learning Agreement (LA)

The preparation of the Learning Agreement (LA) is the main task for perspective Erasmus students. The LA is the document which officially defines the program of study that incoming Erasmus students are expected to fulfil at the host university, as well as the subjects and classes of their home university that will be substituted by those followed and completed abroad after the end of the mobility. The LA, in addition, must be prepared before the mobility takes place, and, to be considered valid, it must be approved by the home and host coordinators and countersigned by the student. No LA on which one of the three signatures required (the home and host coordinators’ and the student’s) is missing will be accepted. All the applicants will be considered officially admitted only after the LA form is signed by the three parties involved.

The official Erasmus LA form is available here in .doc. IRO will provide to perspective Erasmus students detailed instructions on how to find the relevant data to put on it only upon reception of the Application form, duly filled and signed, together with the scanned copy of their ID documents.

The best way in which perspective Erasmus students can get an idea of the Università del Molise Academic offer is by consulting the study plans of each degree course (here), which list all the teachings available. Moreover, a list of the teachings available in English is set yearly and is available here.