Departments and organisational structure

Università del Molise is organised in six Departments according to six different disciplinary fields: agricolture forestry and environment, economics, law, life sciences and informatics, humanities and social sciences, medicine and health sciences . Departments are the organisational units regarding didactic and research matters, and their structures are located in three different cities of the region of Molise: Campobasso (main Campus), Termoli and Pesche. The following tables report the degree courses available at each Department, according to the different level of study: Bachelor (or 1st level, length three years, “Laura triennale” in Italian), Master (or 2nd level, length two years, “Laurea magistrale” in Italian) or Single cycle degree (“Laurea magistrale a ciclo unico” in Italian). In addition, the tables report in brackets the Italian name of each degree course, as well as the links to the webpages of each department and degree course, where the official study plans (Piano di studio in Italian) and course schedules are available.


Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences

(Dipartimento di Agricoltura, Ambiente e Alimenti)

Degree courses Location
Bachelor in Agricultural and Forestry Sciences and Technologies (Scienze e tecnologie agrarie e forestali) Campus of Campobasso (map)
Bachelor in Food Sciences and Technology (Scienze e tecnologie alimentari) Campobasso (map)
Bachelor in Food Sciences and Cultures (Scienze e culture del cibo) Termoli (map)
Master in Forestry and Environmental Sciences and Technologies (Scienze e tecnologie forestali e ambientali) Campobasso (map)
Master in Food Sciences and Technologies (Scienze e tecnologie alimentari) Campobasso (map)
Master in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies (Scienze e tecnologie agrarie) Campobasso (map)


Department of Economics

(Dipartimento di Economia)

Degree courses Location
Bachelor in Business Economy (Economia aziendale) Campus of Campobasso (map)
Bachelor in Social Work (Scienze del servizio sociale) Campobasso (map)
Bachelor in Political Science and Administration (Scienze della politica e dell’amministrazione) Campobasso (map)
Master in Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Management, imprenditorialità e innovazione) Campobasso (map)
Master in Social Services and Social Policy (Servizio sociale e politiche sociali) Campobasso (map)
Master in Political Science and European Institutions (Scienze politiche e delle istituzioni europee) Campobasso (map)


Department of Law

(Dipartimento Giuridico)

Degree courses Location
Master in Law (Giurisprudenza) – Single cycle degree, 5 years Campobasso (map)


Department of Biosciences and Territory

(Dipartimento di Bioscienze e territorio)

Degree courses Location
Bachelor in Biological Sciences (Scienze biologiche) Pesche (map)
Bachelor in Computer Sciences (Informatica) Pesche (map)
Bachelor in Tourism (Scienze Turistiche) Termoli (map)
Master in Civil Engineering (Ingegneria civile) Campobasso (map)
Master in Software System Security (Sicurezza dei sistemi software) Pesche (map)
Master in Biology (Biologia) Pesche (map)
Master in Tourism and Cultural Heritage (Management del turismo e dei beni culturali) Termoli (map)


Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education

(Dipartimento di Scienze umanistiche, sociali e della formazione)

Degree courses Location
Bachelor in Arts, Humanities and Cultural Heritage (Lettere e beni culturali) Campobasso (map)
Bachelor in Communication Sciences (Scienze della comunicazione) Campobasso (map)
Master in Literature and History of Art (Letteratura e storia dell’arte) Campobasso (map)
Master in Primary Education (Scienze della formazione primaria) – Single cycle degree, 5 years Campobasso (map)


Department of Medicine and Health Sciences

(Dipartimento di Medicina e Scienze della Salute)

Degree courses Location
Bachelor in Environment and Workplace Prevention Techniques (Tecniche della prevenzione nell’ambiente e nei luoghi di lavoro) Campus of Campobasso (map)
Bachelor in Nursing (Infermieristica) Campobasso (map)
Bachelor in Sport Sciences (Scienze motorie e sportive) Campobasso (map)
Bachelor in Medical Engineering (Ingegneria medica) Campobasso (map)
Master in Medicine and Surgery (Medicina e chirurgia) – Single cycle degree, 6 years Campobasso (map)
Master in Sciences of Health Professions for Prevention (Scienze delle professioni sanitarie della prevenzione) Campobasso (map)
Master in Nursing and Midwifery (Scienze infermieristiche e ostetriche) Campobasso (map)
Master in Sciences and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Physical Activities (Scienze e tecniche delle attività motorie preventive e adattate) Campobasso (map)