1. To take an exam, register online by logging in on the student’s portal 7 days before the date of the exam. IF YOU DO NOT REGISTER, YOU WON’T BE ALLOWED TO SIT.
  2. On line registration is COMPULSORY.
  3. All students (Erasmus included) will take the exam on the official date. No exams taken outside those dates will be deemed valid (therefore, they will not appear on your transcript of records) .
  4. The grade will be registered via on line registration by the teacher: this is the only way in which the International Office will be able to see the exams taken and prepare the official transcript of records accordingly.
  5. ECTS will be acquired after passing exams or successfully attending traineeships: no other form of acquisition is possible than those formerly agreed upon on the learning agreement.
  6. Erasmus students are compelled to take the exams referred to the academic year of enrolment (e.g. a student enrolled for the academic year 2016/2017 will not be allowed to sit in examination sessions referred to the previous year).
  7. Students must exhibit a valid ID document before sitting.


Before taking an exam:

Notify to the International  Office any changes to your Learning Agreement. This will allow the Office to enter on the web portal the exams you are going to take. As the examination sessions approach (February for the 1st semester, end of May – mid July for the 2nd) look on the website for examinations dates. Afterwards, go to your students portal and apply on line for the exams. Remember:

  • no special sessions apply for Erasmus students. Therefore, make sure you don’t terminate your Erasmus period before the examination sessions start.
  • The International Office will report on your transcript of records ONLY the exams that are registered on line

For a conversion of your grade into ECTS grade, look up on this table