Eduroam - Education Roaming

Education Roaming

The University of  Molise participates in  Eduroam® (education roaming) , which is the service that offers safe access to the wireless network to the University and research community in Europe and beyond.
The Federation is coordinated by the GARR Consortium.

Who is it for

Eduroam is intended for faculty, researchers, assistant, students and administrative staff from the University of Molise who access the Internet from abroad in institutions covered by Eduroam.  All the users belonging to institutions which have adhered to Eduroam can enjoy the service.

How to use it

Within the Eduroam Federation, users can access the wi-fi Internet by using their own credentials and are verified by their home institutions; in case of problems, users must therefore address to their home institution reference office.
Each organization has its own access modalities, so it is advisable to visit the related page

The access modalities at the University of Molise are the following:

SSID: eduroam
Authentication: WPA o WPA2
Encryption: TKIP o AES
Protocol: 802.1X
Authentication Protocol : PEAP-MSCHAPv2
Credentials: the credentials to use are those provided by the home institution

Useful links

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