EU - EaSI - Bandi sui temi lavoro e mobilità

Codice bando Titolo bando Scadenza
VP/ 2018/013 Promotion of domestic worker cooperatives and service voucher schemes 30/6/2018
VP/ 2018/012 PROGRESS programme: Call for proposals in the field of undeclared work 13/6/2018
VP/ 2018/011 Posting of workers: enhancing administrative cooperation and access to information 06/06/2018
VP/ 2018/010 European Social Fund Pilot Joint Action Plan 19/07/2018
VP/ 2018/008 Support for the deployment of skills assessments in the implementation of “Upskilling Pathways” 13/07/2018
VP/ 2018/007 EaSI – EURES – Cross-border partnerships and support to cooperation on intra-EU mobility for EEA countries and social partners 25/06/2018
VP/ 2018/004 Improving expertise in the field of industrial relations 15/06/2018