International students

Consider UNIMOL …

The University of Molise is composed of 6 Departments involved in research and teaching, whose areas are the following: Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences; Department of Economics; Department of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences; Department of Biosciences and Territory; Department of Law; Department of Medicine and Health Sciences. Each Department offers PhD courses and the Departments of Medicine and Law offer postgraduate professionalizing schools, as well.

The University’s facilities are accessible to all international enrolled and exchange students: laboratories, libraries, multimedia and language labs, the sports center. Moreover, all the students’ communities and recreational activities are open to enrolled foreign participants.

Its multicampus structure, with premises located in Campobasso, Termoli and Pesche, allows a widespread distribution of the educational offering and research over the region, so to ensure the involvement of the whole community.

The University of Molise has 9000 students, 105 PhD students and about 600 among teaching and non- teaching staff.

Information for non EU students seeking enrolment: