Master's Programme

This Master offers an international training path within the CUDIMHA project (created thanks to European funds and coordinated by SUSeF Department of Molise University); the training is organized in blended modality (a semester online and a semester with contact classes in Tunis): teachers and students will come from 8 universities – European and Tunisian.

The contents of the Master are developed around 6 main Units: Mediterranean History and Archaeology; Linguistic skills and communication applied to the Heritage; Heritage legislation; Digital skills applied to the heritage; Anthropology; Cultural management.

The courses will be given exclusively in English and French.

At the end of the programme the student will obtain 60 CFU resulting from 1500 hours of work and study, divided as follows:

  Distance Learning – 240 hours

The training will be in the form of self-study (aside from the exams) during the entire first semester (October-December 2020) and it will be the student’s decision on how to manage the study to download the didactic materials for each of the courses, and to fulfil the activities required along the term and sit the final exam.

  Contact Classes – 160 hours

The contact classes will be organized at Carthage University (UCAR) and in the ISLT institute in Tunis over the second semester (March-May 2021) for a total of 14 weeks.

  Project work (175 hours) e final report (75 hours) – 250 hours.

Students will work on a project work, agreed with one or more teachers, from which they also write a final report. The final report (in English, French or Italian) will be presented in front of and evaluated by a representative Commission for the entire Master´s program (Final Exam).

  Individual Study– 850 hours.

The students will study the contents carried out during the contact classes and the distance learning and will prepare the exams.