Progetti finanziati

EU research projects (direct EU funds) from 2007 onward 

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Person in charge for UNIMOL Dept. in charge Title and acronym  EU Programme  
Lasserre Dip. di BT Demostrating Remote  Sensing integration in sunstainable  forest management – FRESHLIFE Life Natura 2014 – LIFE14/IT000414  
Colombo Dip. di AAA International University Cooperation  on Land Protection in European- Asiatic Countries IUCLAND ERASMUS+ Capacity Building in Higher Education – Join Project – EAC-A04-2014  
Sarchiapone Dip. di MeSPeS Save young lives in Europe: promote health trough prevention of risk-taking and self destructive behaviours – SEYLE –  SEYLE FP7 – COOPERATION – HEALTH-2007-3.3-1 Promoting healthy behaviour in children and adolescents,HEALTH-2007-3.3-4 Evaluation of suicide prevention strategies across and within European countries  
Trematerra Dip. di AAA Innovative eco-friendly traps for control of Pine Lepidoptera in urban and recreational places –   LIFE PISA ACP LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance  
 Salvatici – A.F. Pozzolo Dip. di EGSI New Issues in Agricultural, Food and Bioenergy Trade – AGFOODTRADE FP7 – COOPERATION – KBBE-2007-1-4-08 Drivers and limits of enhanced trade in agricultural and food products  
 Sarchiapone Dip. di MeSPeS Working in Europe to stop Truancy among Youth –WE-STAY – WE-STAY FP7 – COOPERATION – HEALTH-2009-3.3-1 Child and adolescent mental health  
 Chirici Dip. di BT Traffic- Health- Environment. Intelligent Solutions Sustaining Urban Economies –THE ISSUE – THE ISSUE  FP7 – REGIONS-2011-1 Economic sustainable development by boosting the competitiveness of transport-related economy  
 Chirici Dip. di BT Future-oriented integrated management of European forest landscapes –INTEGRAL –  INTEGRAL FP7 – COOPERATION – ENV.2011.2.1.6-1 Land-use and European forest ecosystems  
 Scapagnini Dip. di MeSPeS An unforgettable night for well-being with researchers of the Federative Universities of Basilicata, Molise and Puglia Regions in the Mediterranean Area – UNIFEDERLAB – UNIFEDERLAB FP7-PEOPLE-2011-NIGHT Marie-Curie Action: Researchers’ Night  
 Gerbino Dip. di BT Remote Laser Welding System Navigator for Eco & Resilient Automotive Factories – RLW NAVIGATOR – RLW NAVIGATOR FP7 – COOPERATION -FoF-ICT-2011.7.4 Digital factories: Manufacturing design and product lifecycle management  
 Passarella Dip. di MeSPeS Advanced Studies on Improving Sheep Fertility by Using Artificial Means of Reproduction – SHEEPREP – SHEEPREP FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IRSES Marie Curie Action “International Research Staff Exchange Scheme”  
 Marchetti Dip. di BT FORest management strategies to enhance the MITigation potential of European forests – FORMIT – FORMIT FP7 – COOPERATION – KBBE.2012.1.2-07 Development of management strategies for planted and managed forests to increase mitigation capacity  
 Marino – M. Forleo Dip. di BT – Dip. di EGSI Increasing endangered bioDiversity iN Agricoltural and semi-natural areas: a demostrative Management mOdel –  DINAMO – DINAMO LIFE+ Nature and biodiversity 2008  
 Sarchiapone Dip. di MeSPeS Promoting Mental Health, Minimising Mental Illness and Integrating Social Inclusion Through Education – PROMISE HEALTH Programme  
 Marchetti Dip. di MeSPeS Against Crime: care for elders support and secure – ACCESS Criminal Justice 2007-2013  
 Marchetti Dip. di BT Managing forests for multiple purposes: carbon, biodiversity and socio-economic wellbeing –  MANFOR C.BD – ManFor C.BD. LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance 2009  
 Stanisci Dip. di BT Actions for the recovery and the conservation of dune and back dune habitats in the Molise Region – MAESTRALE LIFE+ Nature and biodiversity 2010  
 Bagarani  Unimol Management Red de universidades para la promoción de la planificación estratégica participativa- NIVERSIDADES ESTRATEGICAS – UNIVERSIDADES ESTRATEGICAS  Alfa III  
 Alvino Dip. di AAA  Transnational Network SME support in the animal breeding and horticulture sector – AGRO-START  South East Europe  
 Sciarretta  Dip. di AAA Mainstreaming the Biofarming System in Ethiopian and Ugandan Higher Education Institutions – MAINBIOSYS – MAINBIOSYS  Edulink II  
 Cinquanta Dip. di AAA Strengthening innovation and technology dissemination for sustainable development in cereals, cocoa and coffee value chains in Western and Eastern Africa – SATTIFS – SATTIFS ACP-EU Co-operation Programme in Science and Technology (S&T II)  
Marchetti DiBIT Adaptation of FORest management to CLIMATE variability: an ecological approach – AFROCLIMATE UE-LIFE Programme  
Tognetti DiBIT Climate-Smart Forestry in Mountain Region – CLIMO UE-COST Action  
De Cristofaro DiAAA From microbial interactions to new-concept biopesticides and biofertilizers – INTERFUTURE Horizon 2020  
Alvino DiAA African Higher Education Leadership in Advancing Inclusive fo Development – AHEAD Erasmus+ KA2 CBHE  
Canova SuSEF Culture in MOtion in Adriatic NETwork of Museums – MONET Interreg IPA CBC Italy-Albania- Montenegro Programme  
Iaffaldano DiAAA Recovery of S. macrostigma: Application of innovative techniques and participatory governance tools in rivers of Molise” –NAT.SAL.MO. LIFE Natura e Biodiversità 2017  
Bindi Biocult EARTH “Education, Agriculture and REsources for Territories and Heritage – EARTH ERASMUS + Capacity Building in Higher Education 2018  
Stanisci DiBT Coastal dune hAbitats, subLittoraL sandbanks, marIne reefs:cOnservation, Protection, and thrEats mitigation – CALLIOPE LIFE Natura e Biodiversità 2017  
Oliveto DiBT “Telemonitoraggio e telemetria in ambienti intelligenti per migliorare la sostenibilità umana” – ATTICUS PON 2014/2020  
Fiorentino SUSeF Curriculum Development: An Inoovative Mastert in History and Archaelogy – CUDHIMA ERASMUS+ Capacity Building in Higher Education 2018  
Sciarretta Dip. di AAA In-silico boosted, pest prevention and off-season focused IPM against new and emerging fruit flies – IF_IPM H2020-SFS-2018-2020  
Ievoli Dip. di AAA Mountain Valorization through Interconnectedness and Green HORIZON 2020  
De Felice DiBT “Sewage oxy-gasification for chemicals production” – LIFE AUGIA LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency  
Tognetti DiAAA “The ForestWard Observatory to Secure Resilience of European Forests” – FORWARDS HORIZON-CL6-2022-CLIMATE-01  
Tognetti DiAAA “Systemic solutions for upscaling of urgent ecosystem restoration for forest-related biodiversity and ecosystem services” – SUPERB LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency  
Avino DiAAA Evidence Driven Indoor Air Quality Improvement – EDIAQI HORIZON-HLTH-2021-ENVHLTH-02 – HORIZON-RIA